Announcing PASHION BROWSE. Optimize your SAMPLE search

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  • Manages Beautifully

    PASHION is a new web tool that digitalises and simplifies the sample management process between fashion brands and the press. A tool with the visual richness of Vogue Runway run by a powerful logistics platform.

  • Works Like You Work

    PASHION is designed from the ground-up to integrate into the real-life workflow of your sample tracking tasks. Visual browsing, instant communications, automatic courier integration and a compact UI. PASHION works with you, simplifying your day.

  • Connects You Inside and Out

    PASHION connects you easily to your colleagues and the wider fashion community with its integrated and content-rich instant communications system.

  • Makes You A Productivity Hero

    By managing your sample workflow and simplifying your communications, PASHION makes your day easier and more productive, allowing you to focus on the creative tasks that you love and that help drive your business forward.

For Curators

Are you a press editor or stylist?

With PASHION you can browse through collections; from current to previous and of multiple brands all in one place. When you find something you like, you can discuss the look and check if it’s available for your required dates, through a formal request or informally via PASHION chat.

All of this in just a few clicks. No more email attachments, no more tracking down samples, no more wasting time and no more unfulfilled requests!

for Creators

Are you a brand or PR agency?

With PASHION you can upload any of your collections and available samples to share them with your audience. Once connected with press members, you can get direct sample requests from them, check sample availability on the integrated calendar and respond to requests immediately. With PASHION you will know what’s available, where and when. On top of that, you keep control over your content and decide who has access to it.

No more voicemails, long emails or excel spreadsheets, ever!

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