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Powerful, yet simple, the new way to browse the runway

  • Browse Beautifully

    Like the full PASHION tool, Browse is visually rich and simple to use. Allows you to quickly search for looks and samples, and look good while doing it.

  • Works Like You Work

    With Browse you can search through all designers or just a single one. Targeted or broad searches. Keywords or free-form search and filter, which ever suits you best.

  • Connect Using the Full PASHION Tool

    Anybody can use Browse for free, but to experience the full power of PASHION, like the communications platfom, please sign up.  Get more information

  • Unlock the Real Power of the Platform

    Browse is just one part of the PASHION platform, which is a new web-based solution that digitalises and simplifies the sample management process between fashion brands and press.

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